The Absinth Tour

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Culture, creativity, our golden hands, our history are the things making the Czech Republic very high ranked in the world. Yes, the world has gone mad for our Absinth. But!!! Beware of what the true alcoholic experience is. You all can become great artists when you taste original genuine absinth from the best Prague bartenders. It is the taste of bohemian life in Czech colors. We will guide you through the ritual of preparing this delicious drink and you will become the part of our artistic history. The drink of between 50% and 80% alcohol in it is the right drink. Sage-brush plus anise plus fennel are the basic raw materials. We have very important advice for you all – absinth must be drunk with water!!! Only in our real absinth bar you will experience, after original preparation, the right accent of this divine drink. So friends, bohemian fantasies are already waiting for you, and we will grab you inconspicuously there.



  • Hotel pick up
  • Visit the oldest absinth bar in Czech republic
  • Enjoy green fire tasting 8 times
  • Taste little bit of old time moravian snack  
  • Short speech about history of production, drinking and effects 
  • Table reservation
  • Our guide


How Long ?

  • 3 hours (max.)

Min. of People ?

  • 5 persons

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Person count

5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15